• Bloodstained Dreams MCD (1995)
  • A New Dawn Fades CD (1996)
  • Hellhound Warpig 7″ (1997)
  • Lychantro Punk CD/LP (1997)
  • Wolfpack / Skitsystem Split 7″ (1998)
  • Allday Hell LP/CD (1999)
  • A New Dawn Fades LP (2003)
  • Bloodstained Dreams 7″ (2003)
  • Wolfbrigade/Audio Kollapse Split 7″ (2001)
  • Progression/Regression Picture LP (2001)
  • Progression/Regression CD (2002)
  • Wolfpack Years 10″ (2003)
  • In Darkness You Feel No Regrets LP/CD (2003)
  • A D-beat Odyssey LP (2004)
  • Prey to the world LP/CD (2007)
  • Comalive LP/CD (2008)

Related releases: Today’s Overdose – s/t 7″ (2005) – the band WB had during their 2004-2006 hiatus.


4 thoughts on “Discography

  1. Fucking Bastards….a lot of webs are closing because you want to earn some money with your last CD, the punk isnt money, remember it…. dirty bastards

    • We’re not earning money. The only change is that we try not to loose money anymore. I can easily say I’ve spent 1000-1500 euro EVERY YEAR on this band for the past 10 years and maybe made 30% back, but it’s totally OK, It’s my hobby and I’m not complaining. But I will not loose money anymore when I go play a sold out show somewhere and see how others(read: organizers, etc) stuffing their pockets, because when I loose money from playing my family and my work suffers and I don’t want that. And we’re not the dirty bastards, we are not the once who think it’s ok to let a band sleep on a dogshittstained madress in Barcelona. Same gig was absolutely packed and for that one we got 200 euros for(we flew there for 3 gigs), and we have later heard rumors that we DEMANDED 2500 euro for the gig, haha. I love how the shit talk goes in the punk scene. We are honest in what we do, don’t listen to all the shit talk. Or get a life. / Dadde WB

      • Hi Dadde,
        The only fucking bastard is that spanish here.
        I`m actually totally surprised that you are still doing it without earning at least some money back!! And you`ve got all my respect.
        I am totally into your music, you`ve made some great albums and would love to see you once live!!
        Keep on doing perfect work!!
        Many Thanks!! and greetings from Slovakia..

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