Formed as Wolfpack in 1995 by members of Anti Cimex(Swedish Hardcore), Obscure Infinity(Death Metal) and Harlequin(Melodic folk punk). The result became a mix of their previous musical efforts, but with a main direction leaning towards hardcore/crust.

This lineup released 2 albums and a bunch of EPs until a new singer was found in 1999 and another album was done. After this the band decided to change their name to Wolfbrigade and have since then gone through 2 more line up changes, briefly been in hiatus between 2004-2006( but the current line up played under the name “Today’s Overdose” during those years)  and released another 3 albums, some Eps, and played live around Europe and the USA.

In December 2008 the album “Comalive” was released, an album which saw the band return to their roots while still not straying too far from the slightly more melodic sound of later years. To promote the album they did some massive(for Wolfbrigade’s standard) touring, wich also took the band to play the two biggest gigs in their career, Obscene Extreme in Czech and Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, USA. During 2011 the band have decided to take a break from playing live gigs and locked themselves in their new home studio the “Wolf’s Den” and wrote a new album, “Damned” – which will be released on new partners Southern Lord Recordings and old friends La Famila Releases. This was recorded with old friend and producer Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, the first one since the legendary “Lycanthro Punk” back in 1998. The pack is indeed still hungry and “Damned” is their strongest record yet, filled with steamroller hardcore riffs, haunting melodies, powerful d-beat and Micke’s howling roars. These guys put their whole hearts into this release.

Damned – forever red, forever black.


Jocke– Guitar (1995- present)

Erik– Guitar (1995- present)

Micke– Vocals (1999- present)

Dadde– Drums (2002-present)

Johan– Bass (2004- present)

Past Members:

Jonsson- Vocals (1995-1998)

Frank- Drums(1995-2002)

Marcus- Bass(1995-2004)


9 thoughts on “Biography

  1. You guys are a really fucking awesome; The lyrics, the fast D-beat/crust sounds, the vocals, just amazing!

    Saludos de Colombia…

  2. “filled with steamroller hardcore riffs, haunting melodies, powerful d-beat and Micke’s howling roars. These guys put their whole hearts into this release.” – > This defines what is Wolfbrigade!

    I discovered today about the new album, I got on CD: “Comalive” and “Prey To The World”, I also have the “Allday Hell” but this CD came broken (probably in shipping) 😦 It’s a bit difficult to get this stuff here in Brazil because of the delay in import, taxes and possible losses and damage like this.

    But I enjoyed the music I heard the new album (Peace Of Mind) and I try to buy the CD + shirt.

    I’m a big fan of crust, punk, grind … and I like to understand the lyrics. I always try to translate them and in some cases, I usually put them subtitled on Youtube, so people here who do not speak English can understand the message conveyed. This below is an example (I hope you not think bad, is to the disclose and not to pirate the WolfBrigade music).

    Thanks for everything Wolfbrigade, greetings from the city of Osasco (SP – BRAZIL)

  3. Парни! Вы отличная группа! Сложно найти вашу лирику в интернете. Может подкините текст хотя бы “The Curse Of Cain” ? Буду очень рад!
    Hey! You are a great band! You are a great band! It is difficult to find your lyrics online. Maybe throw in at least the text of “The Curse Of Cain”? I would be very happy!

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